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What's new in Stencil? - Issue #4

What's new in Stencil? - Issue #4
By Stencil Team • Issue #4 • View online
Hello everyone! This is Shulhi from Stencil 👋
Welcome back to another issue. It has been a few months since our last issue and we would like to give you some product updates and its roadmap.

⚡ Faster Image Generation
Two months ago we moved our image generation architecture to leverage on serverless architecture where it allows us to remove the need for a queuing system when you send an image generation request.
Recently, we made some improvements and managed to shave around ~500ms on each image generation. It may not sound a lot but it is definitely a noticeable improvement if you’re generating thousands of images. On average you would save 8.333 minutes per 1000 images.
We are always on the look to improve this further in the near future.
✨ Custom Font Support
Custom font support has been added recently too and it has been one of the most requested features.
Stencil - ⚡ Image Generation API
✨ Custom font support is here!

👇 Read the documentation on how to manage your custom fonts
✨ Improved Airtable Integration
You can now trigger Airtable integration through our API. Read our guide on how you to take advantage of this.
Stencil - ⚡ Image Generation API
We recently launched a feature to trigger Airtable integration through our API.

👇 Here's a good example on how to use it with @airtable button.
✨ Improved Integromat Module
Our Integromat module has been updated to include the recently added Collection API.
📖 More Tutorials
We write a lot of guides on how to use Stencil efficiently in our blog at We usually cover tutorials on how you can integrate Stencil with other products and automation tools. Here are a few recent blog posts.
How To Send Image Generation API Request With Google Sheet
How To Use Airtable To Automate Image Generation For Building Visual Marketing Assets
How To Bulk Generate Image Using Airtable Button
More guides are available in our blog.
🛣️ Roadmap - The next 3 months
These were not the only changes we made for the past few months, you can find more details here
We have couple of new exciting features planned for the next few months.
  • Forms that will allow you to create a form to generate images. It is similar to what we have in Console screen but more friendly towards non-developer users.
  • (WIP) Face detection smart crop is a feature that uses machine learning to frame the image with emphasized on the detected faces.
  • and more… 🤫
Stencil - ⚡ Image Generation API
🏁 Getting closer to shipping face detection smart crop!

This utilizes machine learning to detect faces! #buildinpublic
🔥 Last Chance To Secure Your Discount
If you haven’t upgrade your account using our coupon, we encourage you to do so. Use LETSGOSTENCIL coupon code during checkout to get 45% off for 6 months.
December will be the last month to do so.
That’s all from us for now. See you in the next issue and happy holidays! 🖖
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Stencil Team

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