What's new in Stencil? - Issue #3



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What's new in Stencil? - Issue #3
By Stencil Team • Issue #3 • View online
Welcome back to another issue 👋
We have been busy releasing a few new big features since the last issue. Read more to know about them and what we are planning next.

New Collection API
Generate multiple images in a single request
Generate multiple images in a single request
With this new API, you can generate multiple images in a single request. This allows for two new use cases,
  1. A collection of similar templates with different sizes i.e. Generate different images for Instagram Post, Instagram Story, Twitter Card, Open Graph images etc
  2. A collection of similar templates with different designs i.e. Generate an image (or images) from randomly selected template(s) in a collection.
Right now, this is only available for API integration. Integromat module is awaiting review and approval process.
Better Scalability and Reliability
Our rendering engine has moved to serverless architecture. If that doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry. It means there is no more queue when you generate your image. When you request for image generation, it is processed immediately - no more waiting 🙌
You can expect image generation to be faster.
Image Mask Component
You can now use SVG mask to clip your image to create a cooler image effect.
Improved Airtable Integration
Our Airtable integration now supports view and reading from linked records.
We can read data from linked records too
We can read data from linked records too
Misc Improvements and Fixes
There are other smaller improvements and fixes done like adding support for grayscale effect in images and more. If you like to know more, you can read the full changelog here.
Marketing Blog
Stencil now has a marketing blog where you can learn more about using automation for your marketing work. We will share everything we know about marketing and automation here - not just Stencil related.
If you like to do a guest blog post, you’re also welcomed as long as the topic remains relevant.
✨ You can find our blog at https://blog.usestencil.com
Updated Landing Page with Demo
Our landing page at https://www.usestencil.com has some small make over. We redid our landing pages to highlight more on the benefits of marketing automation instead of focusing solely on the features.
There are also few demo sections where you can play around with the image generation.
What's next?
We have landed some new big features in less than 6 weeks after Stencil launched. We are not planning in releasing any new big feature soon, at least for the rest of this year. It doesn’t mean we’re done though - we are far from it 😉
Instead, we would like to focus on refining and shipping more enhancements to existing features based on your feedback. Here’s some of our back log list,
👉 Custom font support
👉 Multiple effects support
👉 Zapier’s Zap
👉 Enhancing existing integrations
We are ending our special launch-only discount soon. If you haven’t subscribed yet, this will be your final chance.
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Till next time.
Stay safe everyone.
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Stencil Team

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