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What's new in Stencil? - Issue #2

What's new in Stencil? - Issue #2
By Stencil Team • Issue #2 • View online
Last week, we have released new exciting features. We are so excited for them that we had to release the newsletter early.

Integromat integration is here
Integromat integration is finally available. Search for Stencil to find the module. Watch the video below to see what you can do with Integromat integration.
Generate Instagram post for Shopify store products
Generate Instagram post for Shopify store products
Query string URL integration
This is the simplest integration that you can do and there’s a LOT you can do with it. With query string URL, any image variation is generated on the fly when the link is viewed.
The use cases are limitless.
New template added for email header 🔥

You can use our query string URL to personalize emails sent to your users.

It works with @Mailchimp, @Mail_Gun, @SendGrid, and many more.

#NoCode involved

Read more on this here 👇
Cache invalidation
Stencil got your back. We only count your usage when an image is generated. Query string or signed image URL can be opened multiple times by different users and our system is smart enough to detect image if the request is for the same image. Same request is served from our cache for free.
However, when you make any changes to an existing template, requests served from cache will not show the updated changes. This is where cache invalidation comes into picture. You can invalidate the cache by a click of a button and any new incoming requests will generate a new image (affect your usage). Read more here.
As simple as a click of a button
As simple as a click of a button
Keyboard shortcuts in editor
We have added few keyboard shortcuts in the editor, so you can work faster.
New preset templates
We have added few more preset templates. Please checkout the preset section for more details.
🔥 Discount 🔥
Use LETSGOSTENCIL to get 45% OFF for 6 months.
There are few more slots left for the discount, so grab yours now.
What's next?
We are adding a new component to the editor - mask image. You can clip your image using our preset masks for a cooler image effect. We are planning to release this in the coming week.
Sneak peek - Image mask support in Stencil
Sneak peek - Image mask support in Stencil
Next will be custom font support as requested by users.
There are more features coming and we will announce it once it is getting closer to release 🤫
At Stencil, we will always be innovating 🦾
See you in the next issue.
P/S, we will release new newsletter maybe once or twice a month as to not spam you too much unless we have a really cool feature released like we did in this issue.
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